Scott Plath Owner

Scott Plath along with his wife Kathy own Moonstones their second regionally successful restaurant venture, the first being Cobblestones of Lowell (  In addition, Scott also looks to extol his passion for fine food, and hospitality, he writes a humorous “restaurant insider” weekly blog, ( and a regular column for Merrimack Valley Magazine ( entitled “A view from the kitchen”.

Early Years

Beginning at age 13 as a dishwasher in NY, Scott fell quickly in love with the restaurant business.  He worked his way from the kitchen to the front of the house, first as a busboy, then as server, and personal favorite, bartender.

Education and Partnership

His continued interest led him to UMass Amherst, where he majored in restaurant management and met his future wife Kathy.  His senior final project, in both high school and college, was to create a restaurant concept and it was no coincidence that he ended up at UMASS with “The International”, a globally themed restaurant featuring the best cuisine from a variety of cultures.


The inspiration then, as now, was preceded by years of exposure to a diverse and ethnically-rich culinary foundation while growing up in New York.  In 1993, Scott decided he was all done working for others and committed to take the leap into ownership.  His 1st restaurant, COBBLESTONES, (opened on June 6, 1994 and immediately began its rise to the top of the Merrimack Valley restaurant scene, where it has since solidified its status as a consistent, and respected culinary and community leader for nearly 18 years and counting.

Entrepreneurial Expansion

While COBBLESTONES maintained its reputation of excellence, Scott and Kathy never stopped looking for the right opportunity to open a second restaurant.  Through continued “research and development” in Boston, NYC, Washington, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Paris, and Prague the concept of moonstones was born.  Many hours of heated debate and sampling with a team of chefs at COBBLESTONES finally forged a collaborative menu, while Scott’s father-in-law supervised the demolition of the “Old” Ground Round in Chelmsford.

Scott, Kathy, and daughters Aislyn, Tara, and Kelli are thrilled at moonstones success as they approach an 8th anniversary, providing the local community a progressive, quality and dynamic “urban dining experience” while contemplating the next venture!

Adam Hervieux – Executive Chef